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This term we have journeyed into the realms of superheroes. Our first adventure took us into the past as we discovered historical heroes, learnt how to be brave and gallant knights, daring princesses and majestical dragons. The children were getting quite excited wanting to unveil their surprise role play area and had a magical time in Rapunzel’s tower and reading the traditional tale of ‘The Princess and the Pea’. This week we have read fantastical comic capers of story book superheroes and the famous super spud ‘Supertato’. Our role play has become a lair for our superheroes where children have enjoyed dressing up and saving the day with their super powers and trusty sidekicks. The children have loved defeating the evil pea discovering potato mashers at the tuff spot and have created some beautiful watercolour super veggie paintings, ripped paper Supertato collages and real life mini me Supertatos and Super Carrots. Writing speech bubbles in the comic book style has brought the children’s characters to life.

Next, we will be discovering the real life superheroes living in our community. The children will learn what it is like to be a vet and care for animals and will be invited to bring a pet (toy one of course) into school.


Life Cycles

This week the nursery have continued learning about growing things concentrating on life cycles. We have been looking at the lifecycle of a frog, reading the big wide mouthed toad frog, jumping like frogs and measuring distance. We have also he playing frog jumping games to add and subtract on stepping stones, singing froggy songs, painting frogs in watercolour ponds and exploring the lifecycle of a frog in pictures. We sliced apples and grapes and arranged them into frog shapes as our weekly cooking activity and even went pond dipping where we were excited to collect some frog spawn which we brought back to nursery and put in our tank to study. It has already hatched into wriggly tadpoles! We continue to investigate lifecycles thinking now about growing plants. 


Life on the Farm

After finishing our circus topic by decorating our circus elephants, this week the Nursery children have been busy down on the farm. We have been sorting, counting and creating bar graphs of the different animals that the found on the farm. We have also been counting corn and working out which containers would hold the most kernels as well as milking cows and filling bottles with milk. After learning the names of the mummy, daddy and baby farm animals, the children created some wonderful paintings that they then labelled and, with help, wrote an interesting sentence to accompany it.
We have had fun creating bubble painted sheep, remembering, most of the time, to blow the paint and not suck it!  We have also been extremely active in the garden centre cafe and petting farm role play, collecting eggs from the chickens, picking apples off of the tree and making sandwiches in the cafe.



Wow!  What an exhausting week.  We started the week flipping pancakes on Tuesday and choosing wonderful toppings that we wanted to try for our cooking activity this week. On Wednesday morning we welcomed prospective new families to our Nursery on our open day. It was lovely to see so many people attending and looking round with interest. Spaces are filling up fast so if you are thinking of sending your child to Heath Nursery in September 2019 and haven’t yet applied please pop in for a visit or pick up an application from the main office.
In the afternoon,  we welcomed Mrs Harris from Tree Frog Yoga; she worked with the children with her greatest showman Yoga session.  
Thursday was World Book Day and the Nursery celebrated the work of David McKee and the much loved Elmer.  Thursday was also our Elmer Stay and Play Day and once again our parents attended with enthusiasm to work together with the children printing Elmer bags, forming clay Elmer tiles, decorating Elmer biscuits, creating Kandinsky Elmer elephant patterns and investigating Elmers colours with fizzy inks and safety goggles. Thank you very much to all those who attended and the hard working staff who helped to make the event a success once again.
Now that the clowns, jugglers, stilt walkers, ferocious lions and tigers, graceful acrobats and tightrope walkers that have all graced our big top role play circus have packed up and departed for the neighbouring town (the children really did put on the greatest show on earth last week, and produced some amazing work) we start to think about spring time and begin our new theme of growing. Hopefully encouraging some warmer weather too.


The Greatest Show on Earth

This week we have put on our very own 'Greatest Show on Earth'. The circus has moved into the Nursery. Clowns, jugglers, stilt walkers, ferocious lions and tigers, graceful acrobats and tightrope walkers have all graced our big top role play. After practising some movement skills in PE we hope the children will be putting in a show later on in the topic. This circus topic has got all of the children excited.  They are working very hard painting fantastic images of the performers they would see at the circus and writing in their big top flap book about their experiences in the big top.  They are keen to investigate how to get elephants to balance on cups and lolly sticks like a tightrope walker and are challenging themselves to balance more than one. Next week, the circus and carnival theme continues and we will also be celebrating Pancake Day and World Book Day with our stay and play Elmer day on Thursday. It is sure to be another busy week. 


Love Bugs

What a busy last week of half term we had in nursery. We’ve completed our love bugs for Valentine’s Day and finished off our builders and constructors topic by making biscuits and mini houses from recycled pick and mix lunch bags. We have begun to learn about 3D shapes and are now finding them all around us. It has been interesting this week seeing the children investigating how to make blocks balance to build towers and how to arrange bricks so that their constructions can be strong. We are finishing our topic identifying and naming different types of buildings that we know and using blueprints to build models. Over the half term we were really lucky to have the builders lay some lovely tarmac to extend our road area. The children have loved playing on the increased surface this week. It is the start of many new and exciting developments in the early years garden. 


The Three Little Pigs

The robots that the children created last week now look fantastic displayed in the Nursery. This week we have had a lots of fun beginning our Building and Construction topic, reading different versions of the traditional tale 'The 3 Little Pigs', which linked nicely to celebrating and learning about Chinese New Year - the Year of the pig.  We also printed Chinese blossoms on wall hangings, played with five spice play dough, built the Great Wall of China from Duplo, and used chopsticks to collect lucky coins from the water tray of rice. We have danced like Chinese dragons and lions to some wonderful Chinese music and our weekly cooking activity this week was Chinese spring rolls, which involved the children cutting a selection of seven vegetables, including bean sprouts, pepper and ginger, before mixing with Chinese spices, egg noodles and soy sauce before finally rolling in filo pastry.


Robots and Elmer

This week we practised writing our names on our lolly stick robots. We completed our own mini bots by painting our 3D constructions and adding robotic features and buttons. The children worked hard to complete bot 2 and collage him with shiny paper; bot 1 also received some glowing eyes and extra buttons. We used our cooking skills to cook up some cuboid Kristie bots and used this week's recycling to create layered moving part robots with turning cogs and simple levers. Later on in the week, we had a surprise visit from......Elmer! The children were very excited to meet him. We are ending the week with a robotic hairdressers after the children expressed an interest in hairdressing this morning. Oh help... I might be ending the week with pink hair!



This week, in the Nursery, we have started our new robot topic. The children have been busy creating robots using 3D shapes, printing robots with Lego bricks and tinkering in the robot workshop. We have started to construct our mini bots using the recycled materials that we collected last week and hope to paint and decorate them next week. Bot One has been built and is ready for its buttons and levers and Bot Two is awaiting assembly!


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