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Parent View is an opportunity for parents to provide regular thoughts, feedback and suggestions to the school in a quick and easy to use manner.  Each half term, we will invite views on a focused topic.  We value your views and will publish the results of each consultation for you to view.   


Our new school website has now been up and running for two months.  It is still a work in progress as we review, improve and add content.  Therefore, we would like to know your views about how it has been to use so far and which further improvements we can make to our website and our use of social media.  Use the link below to take part in this half term's Parent View.


Thank you to all of you who provided initial feedback on our new website.  We received many positive comments about the new format and some useful suggestions about how we could improve it.

87% of our parents use a tablet or a smartphone as their main device for viewing the school's website. The new website is designed to be easier to view on a smartphone or tablet.  The primary consideration when adding new content is now how it will look on a tablet or smartphone.
77% of our parents use Facebook. We are continuing to further develop our use of Facebook with the aim of giving parents frequent updates of what is going on in school - for example photos of trips, visitors and events happening in the school, and publshing what our growth mindset quote of the week is.
'Our School' and 'Parents' are the pages that are most frequently visited by parents. We are working through the pages to improve them further.  We are also looking at the other sections that are not used as frequently and reviewing the content in them with the aim of improving them.  This is an ongoing process.
We received feedback requesting that we send emails informing parents of when there is new content on the website. We have sent a ParentMail out this term detailing the main changes that have happened to the website this term, and what some of our plans are for content in the future.  We have also been using Facebook and Twitter to send out regular links to new content, such as new editions of Heath News.  We will continue to send out ParentMails when there are major changes to content on the website and will continue to send out updates and links via social media.
We received feedback asking for photos of children in year groups across the school on the website. We have launched 'Heath News' this term which is a weekly publication created by our Year Six pupils.  It features photos and videos of the main events that happened in school over the course of that week.  Over the course of the first six editions, we have managed to include articles for most year groups. We have published a large number of photos on our Facebook page this term and we have also added additional photos to the website this term.  Because of the format of the new website, we have been unable to use any older photos because the resolution or aspect ratio is not suitable.  Therefore, all the photos added have to be new content.  The PFA have funded some new cameras for us to use to increase our photo collection.  We aim to add further photos in due course - especially on our 'Nursery and Reception' page. 


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