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The pupils of Heath recently took part in a democratic process that resulted in a mandate to change the names of the house groups.  This decision was made after a referendum in which the children voted overwhelmingly to change the old group names.  After a period of consultation in which over 200 children submitted suggestions for new house names, the children went to the polls again to choose between three new themes: local rivers, trees and mythical creatures.  Every child in the school had a vote and, once again, there was a clear majority.  The theme of mythical creatures was declared the winner.  The new house names are:

  • The Dragon House Group
  • The Griffin House Group
  • The Phoenix House Group
  • The Thunderbird House Group



In November, new house captains were elected.  Prospective house captains from Year Six wrote manifestos outlining why they would make suitable candidates.  The manifestos were presented to their electorate - their fellow students in Year Six. - and new house captains were voted in.  The house captains automatically become Heath ambassadors whilst also fulfilling other duties across the school, including leading teams from other year groups in the new inter-house tournaments. 


The School Council is a democratically elected body of students from each class in the school.  The children meet once a month to discuss ways to improve the school and look at ideas put forward by the council members' classmates.  The School Council has three main aims:

  1. To involve children in decision making within the school
  2. To give children an experience of democracy
  3. To give all children the chance to speak up about issues that may be affecting them at school.

Each year the School Council takes on a project. This year it is looking at reducing the amount of single-use plastic that is brought to school and also recycling the plastic that ends up in bins. Last year, the School Council raised £200 through running stalls at the school fairs and organising a clothing collection; the money raised will be used to buy additional recycling bins. The School Council often runs competitions to get all the children across the school involved in making posters to promote its projects. The School Council has looked at playground behaviour, bullying and hygiene in the past. The councillors are also involved in charity fundraising - for example, Children in Need.

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