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Welcome to Year 2

Year 2 are:

2AH Miss Haste
2CH Miss Herbert
2P Mrs Pettitt

We are supported by:  Mrs Bird, Mrs Botwright, Mrs Chittock, Mrs Frost, Mrs Holden, Mrs Majeed, Mrs Moore, Ms Riches, Mrs Ripper, Mrs Rudd and Ms Wright

PE is on:

2AH Monday Tuesday
2CH Tuesday Thursday
2P Monday Thursday


Phonics homework goes home on Monday to be completed by the following Monday.  Other homework goes home on Friday to be completed by the following Friday. Homework details will be stapled into the childrens diaries.

Spellings are given out on Monday and tested on the following Monday.


We encourage all parents to read with their children for a few minutes every day.  Reading together can be a very rewarding activity as well as hugely beneficial to your childs development across all areas of the curriculum.

Our reading rewards scheme works as follows:

  • Every time you read with your child make a note in their planner, just the title of the book and your initials is fine.
  • Once a week we check the planners and count up the number of entries for that week.
  • If your child has read to you or a member of your family, and it is detailed in the planner, three times or more your child will receive a sticker on their chart.
  • When your child has 10 stickers they receive a certificate, at 20 stickers they are given a 2nd certificate and a book mark, for 30 stickers they are awarded a book for them to keep.  All certificates and prizes are given out at assemblies where we celebrate these achievements.

​As your child's reading skills develop, they will be introduced to our Accelerated Reader programme to continue and expand their skills, comprehension and enjoyment of reading.  AR is a powerful computer programme for monitoring and managing independent reading practice. 

Following a ‘STAR Reading’ test, your child is given a ZPD range, e.g. 3.4 – 5.1.  This can be found in their planner.  They are then able to choose books from within this range.

Once your child has read a book, they take a fun motivational quiz on the computer to test their comprehension of the book they have read, aiming for benchmarks and targets set by their teacher.

You can view your child's progress from home using Renaissance Home Connect™.  You can login using the password in your child's planner.

Children have opportunities to read with an adult regularly.  The type of reading varies depending upon age and ability. Your child may take part in group reading, guided reading and independent reading, as appropriate.  We use a variety of text types, varying in length, genre and complexity, to provide them with sufficient challenge.  We try to instill in the children an intrinsic love of reading that will last them a lifetime.

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