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Welcome to Reception

Reception are:

RF Mrs Fitzgerald

RP Mrs Parris

RW Mrs Welsh

We are supported by:  

RF   Mrs Mills and Mrs Rayfield

RP   Mrs Brown, Mrs Lake, Mrs Padman and Mrs Steele

RW Mrs Brown, Mrs Farouk and Mrs Perkins

PE is on:

RF  Friday

RP  Tuesday

RW Thursday


Homework is directly linked to some aspect of the childrens current learning, it is sent home on Friday and should be completed by the following Wednesday.  The children are encouraged to complete their Homework and make sure it is handed in on time, with good work being awarded rewards according to our school policy.


We encourage all parents to read with their children for a few minutes every day.  Reading together can be a very rewarding activity as well as hugely beneficial to your childs development across all areas of the curriculum.

Our reading rewards scheme works as follows:

  • Everytime you read with your child make a note in their planner on the day they read to you, just the title of the book and your initials is fine.
  • Once a week we check the planners and count up the number of entries for that week.
  • If your child has read to you or a member of your family and it is detailed in the planner three times of more then your child receives a sticker on their chart.
  • When your child has 10 stickers they receive a certificate, at 20 stickers they receive a 2nd certifiacte and a book mark, for 30 stickers they are awarded a book for them to keep.  All certificates and prizes are given out at assemblies where we celebrate these achievements.


Your childs planner is a very easy means of communication between school and home especially when you can't get in to speak to us in person.  It also contains lots of useful information such as the phase words that every child should be able to read and spell by the end of KS1.  There are details of reading, including their achievement stickers and family points and from time to time we may put in notes with items for your information.  Please take a good look through their planner and try to check it everyday.

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