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Our Staff and Classes

Mrs Susan Bowditch and Mr David Whatley are our Co-Head Teachers

Mr David Whatley and Mr Dan Ingleby are our Co-Deputy Head Teachers

Early Years


Teachers Mrs Helen Whatley and Mrs Naomi Andrews



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RF - Mrs Pauline Fitzgerald - EYFS Phase Leader

RP - Mrs Kayleigh Parris

RW - Mrs Susan Welsh

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Year 1

1C - Mrs Emma Chaplin

1FS - Mrs Michelle Fairweather & Mrs Jess Spivey

1M - Miss Henrietta Madge 

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Year 2

2AH - Miss Amy Haste

2CH - Miss Caitlin Herbert

2P - Mrs Katie Pettitt - Yr 1/2 Phase Leader

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Key Stage 2 - Middle Unit

Year 3

3K - Miss Helen King - Year Leader

3M - Miss Jade Milbourne

3S - Miss Katie Smith

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Year 4

4J - Miss Maisie Jermyn

4K - Miss Emma Kitching

4P - Miss Emily Paine

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Key Stage 2 - Upper Unit

Year 5

5B - Miss Kayleigh Barsby

5F - Miss Ella French

5M - Mrs Sarah MacDonald

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Year 6

Mr Dan Ingleby - Yr 5/6 Phase Leader and Deputy Head

6H - Mr Sam Holttum

6S - Miss Harriet Smith

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